Columbia University Public Interest Law Foundation

Columbia Law School's student led non-profit committed to serving the public interest

Through our community grants program, fundraising activity, student events,
and financial support for pro-bono student activity, we ensure that the Columbia Law School
stays actively involved in the world of public interest.


Columbia University Public Interest Law Foundation

PILF’s 28th Annual Bid for Justice Auction is less than a month away! Enjoy an open bar, hors d’oeuvres, and the opportunity to bid your way into fame and fortune. Popular items include luxury meals, personal cocktail hours, theatre and sport tickets. Just follow the link and get your tickets now or find us tabling in JG all week and get your ticket there (and maybe a lovely t-shirt while you’re at it)!

PILF advocates for the use of legal education in the public service as a method of enriching the communities in which we live as well as the careers and personal lives of law students and lawyers. Our student-led non-profit is seeking out energetic law students who seek to be active in their communities, be that full-time or through valuable pro bono work.

PILF believes it should be easier for law students to engage in public interest work, while in law school and after graduation, in all capacities—government jobs, corporate work, non-profit employment—and we are determined to meet that challenge.

We are an independent non-profit organization, but more importantly, we are a community of law students and alumni devoted to public interest advocacy. We are unique from other student groups in the leadership opportunities we provide to law students, as well as in the access we offer to legal practitioners and alumni.